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Washington Post: At these communities for older adults, staying active involves more than just golf | Jun 22, 2017

Housing expert Gregg Logan of the real estate firm RCLCO in Orlando, says the emphasis on healthy living is part of a change in these communities in response to the boomer retirement wave. In the Washington ...

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Dayton Business Journal: We (again) look at the prospect of a downtown Dayton grocery | Jun 14, 2017

To track these industry models, Washington, D.C.-based real estate advisory group Robert Charles Lesser & Co. collected the site selection criteria for major grocery chains last year, and found each ...

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Daily Press: Hampton Roads fastest growing home to millennials, according to think tank | Jun 6, 2017

Adam Ducker, managing director of real estate adviser group RCLCO, which conducted the research for the Urban Leader Institute, said military plays a major role in that growth.

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WVTF: Virginia Cities Top List of Millennial Growth | Jun 6, 2017

Adam Ducker analyzed the numbers for The Urban Land Institute. He found a surprising trend: the largest jumps weren’t in New York, Boston or D.C., but in places like Memphis, New Orleans and Pittsburgh.

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WBFO: Study finds Buffalo succeeding in attracting millennials | Jun 8, 2017

Adam Ducker, the managing director of Real Estate Advisors, the Maryland-based firm commissioned to conduct the research, says cost of living is a key reason why millennials are deciding to settle in Buffalo.

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REIT.COM: Former Moody’s Analyst Merrie Frankel Opens REIT Consultancy | May 25, 2017

In February, she announced the formation of Minerva Realty Consultants, LLC in affiliation with RCLCO, a real estate advisory firm with offices in Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles.

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...the real estate experts at RCLCO analyze recently released new home characteristic data and its implications for the sector moving forward.

View Article > Downtown Huntsville has strong unmet retail demand, new study finds | Apr 7, 2017

The report, prepared for Downtown Huntsville Inc. by Robert Charles Lesser & Co. Real Estate Advisors, found 215,000 to 265,000 square feet of new retail would be realized based on recapturing existing ...

View Article > Nothing says success like a King of Prussia spot | Mar 31, 2017

“The tide is going out. We’re losing sales to the internet , and the things that are working are places where you not only shop, but are entertained and have a place of discovery,” said ...

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The Mercury: KOP-BID executive director: ‘King of Prussia is on fire’ | Mar 29, 2017

RCLCO managing director Adam Ducker had kicked off the luncheon with a comprehensive report that compiled data, issues and best practices from the top 50 metro areas and revealed that suburban growth is ...

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