Project Areas
Affordable/Workforce Housing
Corridor Planning
Design Economics
Downtown Revitalization
Economic Development
Economic & Fiscal Impact
Industrial City Turnaround
Metropolitan Growth Strategy
Neighborhood Planning
Public-Private Partnerships
Transit-Oriented Development

The Challenge
Houston-Galveston Area

Scope of Work
Cluster Analysis
Economic Impact
Financial Modeling
Fiscal Impact
Market Analysis
Partnership Structuring
Public Financing
Public Outreach
Regional Economics
Retail Tenanting
Strategy Planning

Over the last decade the Washington Avenue area
of Houston has seen increased redevelopment
of parcels along the corridor into a variety of uses
including single-family and multi-family residential
and retail/commercial. It has rapidly become a lively
corridor and citywide entertainment attraction. The
corridor serves as an important traffic connection
to Downtown and contains a mixture of land uses
ranging from single family residential, commercial
to industrial. It also includes significant public and
institutional uses located near Downtown including substantial parkland on the southern and western edges (Buffalo Bayou and Memorial Park).

The overall goal of the study is to create a Livable Centers plan for the study area that
will lead to a sustainable, context-sensitive,
unique environment serving as a desirable
place to live, work, and play. The study should
result in practical implementation strategies, to
improve the quality of the living/working/civic
environment along the corridor and in the immediate area. It should enhance the corridor as an urban
destination which is mixed-use, walkable, transitserved, characterized by diverse housing and
employment choices, thriving shops and businesses, vibrant street life, civic amenities and exciting

entertainment and cultural activities. All recommendations should be based on strengthening the area’s existing best characteristics while providing real strategies and a road
map for implementing improvements over
time, with a special focus on public-private
partnerships and investment opportunities.

RCLCO serves on a multi-disciplinary team focused on engaging engaging area residents and
workers, government agencies, businesses and
institutions in developing recommendations for
improvements to the area. RCLCO’s role is to
identify market-driven development opportunities
for the corridor based upon an investigation of
the study area’s socioeconomics, demographic
makeup, development trends, and economic
potential. In addition, RCLCO is focused on
identifying regulatory hurdles to new development, creative financing mechanisms for new
development, and implementation solutions.

held and

the project is still underway.