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Strategic Planning

The RCLCO Vision with Gadi Kaufmann

By: Gadi Kaufmann

RCLCO's mission is to help our clients make strategic, effective, and enduring decisions about real estate. In this video, Managing Director and CEO Gadi Kaufmann shares the "secret sauce" and RCLCO’s four core values: to add value to our clients; to achieve excellence and innovation in everything that we do; to enjoy our work and the people with whom we work; and to promote greater economic, social, and environmental sustainability. Our team members are committed to our core values and we hope that our clients see them in our interactions and the work we do. By staying committed to our core values, we can fulfill our mission and achieve our vision.


RCLCO provides real estate economics, strategic planning, management consulting, litigation support, fiscal and economic impact analysis, and implementation services to real estate investors, developers, home builders, financial institutions, public agencies, and anchor institutions. Our real estate advisors help clients make the best decisions about real estate investment, repositioning, planning, and development.

RCLCO's advisory groups provide market-driven, analytically based, and financially sound solutions. RCLCO's Strategic Planning & Litigation Support Advisory Group produced this newsletter. Interested in learning more about RCLCO's services? Please visit us at www.rclco.com/strategic-planning.

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