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Ahmsa LogoFusion's mission is to "empower internally displaced people and their communities by alleviating poverty, protecting human rights, and promoting dignity and self sufficiency." They work primarily in the poor neighborhoods of Bogotá, Colombia with people displaced by the 40-year Colombian civil conflict. Colombia has more than three million internally displaced people, mostly poor rural farmers. Displaced Colombians typically seek refuge from armed actors in the slums of urban centers, Bogotá being the most popular. Tragically, most displaced persons living in the cities of Colombia face dire socioeconomic conditions and discrimination in employment, housing, and social services.

In late 2007, the RCLCO Foundation approved funding of $700 (which was matched by an RCLCO employee) to Fusion International and their strategic partner Fundación Tejaditos to build two homes in the slums of Bogotá, Colombia. The donated funds will in fact build three homes for needy families, one more than originally anticipated.

Two of those homes have already been built or are under construction, and the third is in the permitting process. Below is information about the recipient families.

  1. Pastrana Riaño Family
    Recipient family composed of: Jorge Luís Pastrana Nieto and Delmira Riaño de Pastrana and their three children.
  2. Urrea Niño Family
    Recipient family composed of: Alexander Urrea and Marleny Niño and their three children.
  3. Martínez de Yaguara Family
    The purchased lot in the Alto del Manzano neighborhood of Soacha is currently going through the permitting process. It has been granted to Ms. Ninfa Martinez de Yaguara. She was displaced from her home by the Colombian civil war 8 years ago. She is 45 years old, and has 11 children. She currently lives with three of her daughters, one of whom is handicapped. After the permitting process is complete, a prefabricated home will be built on her lot.

Click here to visit the Ahmsa Colombia website.

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