Career Paths

Our success as a consulting firm lies in the cultivation and growth of the “best minds in real estate.” We are proud of our commitment to support the advancement of our team members, encouraging them to break down barriers and offer new ideas to the table.

RCLCO consultants may follow a wide variety of specific paths over a successful long-term career based on their unique passions and abilities. We will help you discover and explore these options as you gain ever-increasing responsibility.



Analyst & Associate

Gain skills conducting analysis (quantitative and qualitative) and real estate research. Assist in business development initiatives, participate in client meetings, and prepare reports and deliverables.

Senior Associate

Manage consulting projects, develop intellectual property initiatives, manage client relationships, and prepare industry presentations. You will mentor, train, and manage junior team members.

Vice President

Serve as a senior project manager, overseeing the firm’s most complex engagements. Grow yourself into an industry expert and business developer while crafting intellectual property initiatives.


Act as a practice group leader or critical support for more senior leaders as you work directly with clients and potential clients. You play leadership roles tailored to your own unique abilities and firm needs.

Managing Director

As a key leader within your advisory group and the firm, you are recognized as an expert who has built track records of success in project execution,  business development, and intellectual property development.


Professional Development

At RCLCO, our people are our greatest asset

With a culture that strives to challenge one another to reach their full potential, we understand how important a professional development program truly is. The three primary components of our Professional Development Program include training, mentoring, and continuing education.


RCLCO's Training Program is designed to provide you with the necessary tools and skills to become a successful and active consultant. Training kicks-off with an orientation session for all new team members across the firm. In addition to learning more about the firm from both company leaders and your peers, we will open with basic skills training in economic and financial analysis, research methods, and firm policies and procedures.

Back in the office, our new team members are assigned to consulting projects right away, shadowing their peers and project managers as they put new skills and abilities to use. Formal training continues alongside this “on-the-job” training in the form of follow-up work sessions, both in-person and via web meetings. Team members have the opportunity to pursue formal training from third parties, as well, depending on their specific needs and interests.

More seasoned team members are encouraged to attend RCLCO management training sessions, preparing them for continued progression through the company.



Every team member at RCLCO has a formal mentor. Initially, these relationships are assigned by firm leadership to make sure that new team members have someone to whom they can go with questions or concerns (about the work, firm policies, culture, etc.). Over time, additional mentoring relationships naturally evolve as team members gravitate to each other based on similar interests and opportunities.



RCLCO offers a Continuing Education Program for team members to further develop their career skills and knowledge. We provide all of our team members a dedicated allowance for training resources, reading materials, on-line training, conferences, workshops, or courses offered by relevant organizations.


What Our Team Members Are Saying...

Rae Atkinson

Rae Atkinson

Senior Associate

Quotation MarkRCLCO attracts some of the most thoughtful, inquisitive, and genuine people in the industry. The projects are fascinating and the opportunities are endless, but I believe that the biggest perk of the job is just getting to be a part of such a wonderful team.Quotation Mark


Vahe Avagyan

Vahe Avagyan

Senior Associate

Quotation MarkWorking at RCLCO has provided me with tremendous opportunities to learn all about real estate, play a substantial role in the vision and execution of each project, and take on significant responsibility early on in my career. Above all, I have the privilege of working with intellectually engaging, thoughtful colleagues in a firm with a true commitment to excellence.Quotation Mark


Sara Kramer

Sara Crockett

Vice President

Quotation MarkWorking at RCLCO brings with it constant learning – I’ve heard it said that this is best real estate education you can get, and I agree. Working with such smart, talented people constantly challenges me.Quotation Mark


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