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Community Corporation of Santa Monica BannerIn December of 2009 the RCLCO Foundation donated a grant to the Community Corporation of Santa Monica (CCSM). CCSM is a non-profit organization "committed to developing and managing affordable housing in the Los Angeles metropolitan area." The organization was founded in 1982 with the mission of creating and preserving affordable housing in the greater Santa Monica Area.

The RCLCO Foundation allotted CCSM $1,700 in addition to three computers to support the resident service activities provided by the Community Corporation of Santa Monica which includes: adult education, financial literacy, social welfare, healthcare, etc. The funds were used directly to purchase academic workbooks and tutorial software programs for the residents in need and the computers continue to assist CCSM with providing support for the affordable housing community.

Click here to visit the Community Corporation of Santa Monica website.

Changing lives through initiatives that provide affordable homes where people live with dignity.


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1Funding organizations that create affordable housing in communities where RCLCO has offices


2Matching RCLCO team members’ contributions to fund raising or other activities that impact affordable housing


3Funding thought leadership in affordable housing

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