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Arlington Alexandria Coalition for the Homeless LogoDance for a Difference (D4D) is a non-profit organization that was started in the summer of 2006 by a group of four friends to positively impact the local community. Funds are raised through teaching dance classes in Arlington, VA. The classes are held on a bi-weekly basis and have ranged from hip-hop to Irish dancing. All dance instructors are volunteers. Proceeds are donated to the Arlington Alexandria Coalition for the Homeless. Established in 1987, AACH is a non-profit organization that "provides transitional housing and support services to homeless families and women in Arlington County and the City of Alexandria in Virginia". There are 4 main programs that the AACH runs including the Sullivan House, Adopt-a-Family, LifeWorks, and SKIT.

RCLCO Foundation funds will be used to support the Adopt-a-Family program, which helps low-income families become more self-sufficient by providing permanent housing, intensive training, and better-than-minimum-wage jobs.

Click here to visit the Arlington Alexandria Coalition for the Homeless website.

Changing lives through initiatives that provide affordable homes where people live with dignity.


our focus



1Funding organizations that create affordable housing in communities where RCLCO has offices


2Matching RCLCO team members’ contributions to fund raising or other activities that impact affordable housing


3Funding thought leadership in affordable housing

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