A Day in the Life of an RCLCO Intern

Featured Intern: Cameron Pawelek

(Editor's note: Cameron joined RCLCO as a full time Associate in May 2014 after completing his internship and undergraduate degree.)

8:00 AM: I usually like to get into the office around 8 to start my morning and make sure I have a to-do list and vision for the day. While I eat some yogurt and granola I read several real estate news articles to familiarize myself with new markets and continue to grow my understanding of my local markets.

8:30 AM: I meet with the project manager of the project that I am currently working on. We go over the next steps for the project and I make sure my to-do list is accurate and updated. We are currently working on a high-rise apartment project in the center of the CBD.

9:00 AM: I start making a few calls to competitive apartments in the market to ensure that we have the most accurate pricing and unit sizes for each one of our comparable properties.

11:00 AM: By now, I have collected all of the information I need, and I start to create charts, tables, and graphs in Excel to efficiently display the data I have collected, both on my own and from a third-party source.

1:00 PM: I walk to lunch with the principal and vice president in our office. I listen to their insight on the current apartment market and discuss what I have seen in the data I started analyzing.

2:00 PM: I put together an adjustment table using the apartment data that I have collected in order to calculate a proposed pricing for our subject property. 

3:30 PM: I have a meeting with the project director to discuss the proposed pricing that I have calculated. Our conversation lasts about an hour as we address some specific challenges in the local apartment market, but eventually gain the necessary confidence to make our recommendations to the client.

4:30 PM: I make some adjustments to our preliminary pricing recommendations that I had discussed with my project manager.

5:00 PM:  I start gathering the data that I will need tomorrow when I begin constructing a demand model, which will size up demand potential for our submarket and eventually our subject property.

6:00 PM: I start preparing and regrouping for tomorrow. On the top of my to-do list is to start constructing the demand model, as well as revisiting the initial pricing recommendations. I spend the last fifteen minutes visiting with an associate from a different office about issues he had on a similar project in a different market. I save a few articles that I want to read tomorrow morning.

6:30 PM: Head home after a productive day. 

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