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Download More Info RCLCO believes that accomplishing attractive real estate investment returns and long-term performance is driven by investing in what will be in demand, not necessarily what has been in demand as cyclical and structural shifts occur.

RCLCO uses informed real estate analytics to help institutional investors create and implement top performing portfolios. We derive strategies from bottom-up knowledge and analyses of property markets, and help clients make critical decisions even during times of uncertainty—decisions that prove to be durable and lead to successful outcomes.

Our investment strategy recommendations are based on:

  • Understanding of user needs and market dynamics
  • Time-proven economic, demographic, and policy analyses
  • Innovative allocation, policy, and risk parameters
  • Strategic thinking with client objectives & risk tolerance profile in mind


  • Portfolio Strategy, Structure & Pacing Plans
  • Investment Sourcing/Selection
  • Portfolio and Risk Management
  • Target Market Analyses
  • Investment and Reporting Policies
  • Investment Analysis
  • Manager/Operating Partner Selection
  • Negotiations
  • Fee Analysis
  • Asset Management & Reporting
  • Independent Fiduciary Services
  • Special Consulting & Custom Research

Client Types

  • Pension Funds
  • Family Offices
  • Endowments and Foundations
  • International Investors


Gadi Kaufmann Bio Photo

Gadi Kaufmann

Managing Director
Chief Executive Officer

P: (310) 914-1800
E: gkaufmann@rclco.com


Taylor Mammen Bio Photo

Taylor Mammen

Managing Director,
Director of Institutional Advisory Services

P: (310) 282-0437
E: tmammen@rclco.com

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