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NREI Webinar (Slides Only): Contrarian Real Estate Investing Part 1

Contrarian Real Estate Investing: Strategies for Identifying Value in a Market that Seems Fully Priced and Fairly Crowded

Speakers: Adam Ducker, Managing Director and Taylor Mammen, Managing Director

As the queue of capital continues to build and the opportunities for finding yield or creating values continues to dwindle, investors in real assets may consider contrarian, unfashionable, difficult to underwrite or slightly esoteric asset types, investment, markets and positioning strategies. The challenge, of course, is pricing the risk in this approach and understanding where you are getting paid for avoiding the herd mentality and where you are taking long bets with uncertain payoff.

In this webinar RCLCO will present our framework for identifying and processing this investment perspective, guidance on the underwriting approach, case studies of where this approach has paid off and where it has disappointed and why.

We will share:

  • What macro drivers of how American’s live, work, learn and play are changing and how that creates value in real estate
  • Practical tools for projecting revenue, growth, cap rate movement and liquidity for new products or sub-asset classes
  • Structuring techniques that work against conventional wisdom and create upside
  • Specific investment opportunities presented at this time in the cycle
  • A discussion of asset management requirements arising from this investment style
  • A discussion of the impact of the real estate cycle on contrarian real estate investing

NREI Webinar Slides

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