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Webinar Recording – Friday Round-Up with RCLCO: Top 5 COVID-19 Related Real Estate Myths That Need to Be Debunked

Part of our webinar series on the real estate impacts of COVID-19

Join RCLCO Real Estate Advisors to explore how senior leaders in real estate are addressing the health, human, and economic impacts of this unprecedented global event.

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RCLCO Friday Round-Up: May 22, 2020

Download the slides here

For this week’s webinar, we’re revealing the facts behind some of the most pervasive real estate myths relating to COVID-19. RCLCO leadership across the country will each debunk a key myth and answer live Q&A. Speakers include:

  • Erin Talkington, Managing Director/Director of Consulting (DC-based)
  • Gregg Logan, Managing Director (FL)
  • Todd LaRue, Managing Director (TX)
  • Ben Maslan, Managing Director (CA)
  • Rick Pollack, Principal (DC)
  • Joshua A. Boren, Director of Business Development (Moderator)


30-minute moderated discussion
15-minute interactive audience Q&A


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