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Reynoldstown Revitalization Corporation (RRC) is a nonprofit organization focused on the Atlanta, Georgia area. Their mission is to physically improve the community and restore economic well being to residents while creating an atmosphere of neighbor supporting neighbor as accomplishments of self-sufficiency, personal growth and personal security are realized. RRC's commitment is to rebuild the spirit of community and foster a sense of ownership by all who live in the community. RRC has continuously worked in the Reynoldstown community to improve the housing stock and to add new attractive single and multi-family housing as well as reasonably priced rental units. Since its inception, RRC has taken a holistic approach to community building and revitalization. Beyond the improvement of housing and housing stock, RRC has implemented programs that focus on building the capacity of the residents.

With a grant from the RCLCO Foundation, RRC has been able to help two families avoid foreclosure though short-term revolving loans, and upon repayment of these loans, will continue to help more families in the Atlanta region avoid future home foreclosure.

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Changing lives through initiatives that provide affordable homes where people live with dignity.


our focus



1Funding organizations that create affordable housing in communities where RCLCO has offices


2Matching RCLCO team members’ contributions to fund raising or other activities that impact affordable housing


3Funding thought leadership in affordable housing

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