Southern California Association of Non-profit Housing

Southern California Association of Non-profit Housing LogoIncorporated in 1985, SCANPH is dedicated to the production, preservation and management of permanently affordable homes for low-income households, and believes that non-profit community development organizations (CDCs) are the best vehicle for achieving this goal.

SCANPH is a membership organization. Members include 450 organizations, public agencies and individuals, of which approximately one-third are CDCs that actively build homes affordable to low-income people in Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside, and Ventura counties.

The RCLCO Foundation's funds will be used to underwrite the publication of a Southern California Regional Low-Income Housing Profile.

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Changing lives through initiatives that provide affordable homes where people live with dignity.


our focus



1Funding organizations that create affordable housing in communities where RCLCO has offices


2Matching RCLCO team members’ contributions to fund raising or other activities that impact affordable housing


3Funding thought leadership in affordable housing

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