The RCLCO Advantage

Deep Knowledge of Property Markets

RCLCO staff work at the property level on a daily basis, providing advice on a wide range of property types, geographic markets and analyses that vary from strategic positioning of new development to identifying optimal redevelopment strategies and assisting urban planners in maximizing land usage, among many other projects. This in-depth property knowledge gives us a unique “bottom-up” view of the market when helping investors to think about portfolio construction and analyses.

Forward Looking Approach

We believe that accomplishing outsized real estate investment returns and long-term investment sustainability are driven by investing in what ”will be in demand” not necessarily what “has been in demand” as cyclical and structural shifts occur in the global markets.

Innovation and Excellence

Our investment, hold-sell and portfolio construction analyses are also based on proprietary analytical “top-down” systems including:

  • Neighborhood redevelopment opportunities
  • Forward looking target market analyses
  • Early warning indicators
  • Multi-faceted portfolio allocation and risk analyses
  • Cyclical strategies

International Experience

RCLCO staff are increasingly being asked to look at markets outside the U.S. as well as to assist non-U.S. investors in navigating the U.S. markets. We have significant experience in navigating the international market, including portfolio construction and risk analysis, hurdle rates, sovereign and real estate market analysis, manager selection, feasibility analysis, and investment criteria and structuring. In addition, we provide periodic reports and customized solutions that can assist non-U.S. investors in understanding the U.S. markets.

Proprietary Knowledge Resources

Private investors, developers, and public officials need clear optics on how metropolitan areas are likely to grow and evolve over time as context for critical decisions. Metropolitan area evolution has implications for the viability and pricing of investments and new developments, particularly as metro areas grow, new neighborhoods evolve, and/or urban areas redevelop.

MetroLogic provides a unique framework for thinking about real estate investment and development decisions:

  • MetroLogic helps to anticipate where new Metro Cores* are needed and/or likely to emerge.
  • Once it’s known that a key job center is likely to emerge in a location, the level of services, shopping, support, and residential development to sustain it can be projected.
  • Understanding the spatial influence of Metro Core evolution can help identify where new investment dollars should be focused to gain the most leverage and metro region benefits.
  • Developers and investors use this knowledge to guide acquisition and investment decisions, as a property’s position relative to amenities, jobs, housing, and transportation corridors has a substantial bearing on future land use, demand, and underlying value.
  • In those instances where assets have already been acquired, the same principles apply, as an asset’s value trajectory will be influenced by its relative position.

RCLCO’s MetroLogic technology allows for full compatibility with existing GIS platforms and combines RCLCO’s best-in-class consumer research and trendspotting knowledge base with sophisticated market analytics and real estate economics.

*RCLCO’s MetroLogic provides a much improved framework for making real estate investment and development decisions, relative to conventional market research methods. Metro Cores, the key regional centers of influence, impact real estate invest- ment opportunities. This includes the degree to which a property has the potential to become a “central place” in the region.

Alignment of Interest

RCLCO is a pure consulting firm. We do not have any brokerage, fund of funds, investment management, banking services, or other services or products that could conflict with our consulting business. We are solely focused on providing the best service to our clients.

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