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ULI Los Angeles

Jun 5, 2018

Bob Gardner, Managing Director

Building on a fundamental understanding of the development process, this course focuses on the skills and practices required to create value at each stage of a development project from conception through to implementation.  The course describes and demonstrates how to spot opportunities and then, to create value.  It is structured on the principle that learning to make good decisions requires more than instruction; it requires interaction and practice.

The course engages participants in challenging case studies and interaction with other class members.  Participants work in teams on realistic case studies representing different stages of a real estate development project. The program addresses acquisition, design, market dynamics, entitlement, capital structure, pro-forma modeling and development management, providing practical experience at each stage, and inspiring creative solutions to complex development problems. For each case study, participants receive real-world data from which they produce a viable strategy to create value.

Prominent guest lecturers from the fields of finance, market analysis, entitlement, construction, architecture, public sector, and entrepreneurial development discuss the development process from their own perspectives in an interactive and collegial setting.

Through this hands-on approach, participants are introduced to higher-level concepts and real-life complexities of the development process. They will view issues through multiple perspectives designed to help develop innovative and practical solutions that create project value.

Event:   Creating Value Through Real Estate Market Research
Location:   Marina Del Rey Marriott
Address:   4100 Admiralty Way, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292
Website:   http://americas.uli.org/event/creating-value-real-estate-development-process-3/
Marina Del Rey Marriott
Marina Del Rey Marriott 90292 4100 Admiralty Way, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292
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