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ULI Real Estate Entrepreneur Program: Strategic Planning for the Small Scale Developer

Feb 20, 2018

Ben Maslan, Principal

Smaller real estate developers typically benefit by being more nimble, able to move more quickly to identify opportunities and execute on deals. They can take on projects that require faster decision-making and more unique and creative real estate solutions. At the same time their smaller size can mean they have fewer operational resources to draw upon, and less occasion for reflective consideration. The result can be a continual chase for the next deal without careful assessment of its fit with the firm’s expertise, capital and project resources, or risk appetite. A lack of strategic focus can also mean firms fail to adequately plan for cyclical downturns.

Through instructive lectures, case studies, panel discussions, and leadership exercises, this program will help your company to think, plan, and operate more deliberately and thoughtfully. The program will introduce attendees to the tools and frameworks of strategic planning that will help them develop a more effective, efficient, and stable organization.

As part of the ULI Real Estate Entrepreneur Program, this unique course will also afford attendees exceptional networking opportunities including luncheons, a cocktail reception, and dinner where attendees will have the opportunity to get to know other attendees and panelists in an informal atmosphere while you build your long term network of resources.

Event:   Successful Elements of the Strategic Plan
Location:   Omni Los Angeles at California Plaza
Address:   251 South Olive Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012 United States
Website:   http://americas.uli.org/event/strategic-planning-small-scale-developer-3/
Omni Los Angeles at California Plaza
Omni Los Angeles at California Plaza 90012 251 South Olive Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012 United States
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