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Expert Testimony Services

Build a Stronger Case. Trust RCLCO to provide the superior real estate expert testimony required to build a winning case, resolving disputes in a cost-effective and expedient manner.

  • Best in class expert witnesses
  • A team that is intellectual, creative, and analytically focused
  • Independent and unbiased views based on objective research
  • The breadth and depth of insights gained after more than 50 years in real estate consulting

Expert Testimony You Can Count On

In addition to supporting your team with our valuation expertise, we serve as strategic advisors on broader real estate issues, and provide expert testimony in the majority of the cases. In these situations, we communicate complex real estate issues, focusing on how the client, the jury, and the judge will understand the issues and the analysis.

We are often called upon to assist counsel in identifying and analyzing critical documents, evaluating the expert reports submitted by other experts, preparing rebuttal reports, and suggesting questions relating to real estate issues for depositions and cross examination of other witnesses.

Specific case types may include:

  • Bankruptcy-Related Disputes; Fraudulent Conveyance
    • Avoidance Actions & Preference Disputes
    • Solvency
    • Plan Confirmation Issues
    • Viability of Proposed Plans of Reorganization
  • Entitlements
  • Valuation
  • Construction Delay Damages
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Disputes Concerning the Value of Interests in Privately Held Companies
  • Environmental Damages
  • Entire Fairness Disputes
  • Landlord-Tenant Disputes
  • Partnership and JV Disputes
  • Various CMBS/RMBS Counterparty
  • Disputes, Including Breach of Representations & Warranties

An Established Firm with Over 50 Years Experience

Since 1967, RCLCO has been the “first call” for organizations seeking real estate related analytics and advice. Our team of consultants provide a competitive advantage to clients involved with disputes concerning real estate investments and development. Our knowledge of markets, analytical rigor, integrity, and discipline are unmatched. We have a history of engagements with high-profile bankruptcy and fraudulent conveyance cases that assessed value, performance drivers, and risks associated with entire portfolios, segments of portfolios, and individual assets in excess of $5 billion. Our multidisciplinary team includes: 9 Managing Directors, 6 Principals, 5 Vice Presidents, and over 40+ support staff at your service.

Contact Joshua Boren, Managing Director of Strategic Initiatives, at to learn more.

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