Marketing MPCs in the Digital Age

ULI Fall Meeting 2016 Presentation

Disrupt, Or Be Disrupted: Marketing MPCs In The Digital Age

Dallas, Texas

Moderator: Malee Tobias, SVP, Marketing & Research, Newland Communities


  • Christina Acuña, Executive Marketing Manager, Hillwood
  • Amy Levi, President, Creative Director, Strada
  • Gregg Logan, Managing Director, RCLCO
  • Todd Ochsner, VP – Marketing Strategy, Roni Hicks & Associates

The proliferation of digital media creates exciting new opportunities to engage with consumers, but ferocious complexity too. Marketers know they must offer an integrated brand experience across both traditional media and the fast-changing ecosystem of digital devices and channels—websites, social media, search engines, just to name a few. How are marketing experts in our industry leveraging technology to innovate how we market MPCs without losing sight of the emotional connection that comes with a great brand? How are developers and builders transforming their organizations to handle this disruption? How are developers and builders using big data to drive marketing? What can we learn from other industries?

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