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Case Study: Economic Development and Neighborhood Revitalization Analysis for the Lafitte Corridor Greenway

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans 1000x402

Project Type:

Product Type

  • Industrial/R&D

Development Concepts

  • Transit-Oriented Development
  • Revitalization

The Challenge

As one of New Orleans’ signature revitalization projects in the wake of the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, the Lafitte Greenway was set to transform a former shipping canal and railroad right-of-way running through the heart of the city into a vibrant greenway path to link residential neighborhoods and provide much-needed recreation space. The Lafitte Greenway is a 54-acre parcel of land located within the 1,375-acre Lafitte Corridor, which has a very diverse population. RCLCO was retained as a part of a team of consultants tasked with understanding how this greenway trail and surrounding park areas could be used as a basis for economic development and neighborhood revitalization. Further, while the proposed construction of the trail was funded, RCLCO was asked to explore and recommend a funding solution for the ongoing maintenance and operation of the proposed trail and surrounding parks.


Through a detailed analysis of economic, real estate, and consumer spending trends, as well as an exploration of intervention strategies underway in New Orleans and working in urban neighborhoods around the county, RCLCO played a critical role in recommending and justifying measurable strategies for economic development driven from the Greenway project. Ultimately, RCLCO, in conjunction with a team of consultants and landscape architects, was able to devise a unique plan embracing the key issues of economic development and funding within the creation of public spaces that will provide a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle.


The final rounds of public meetings regarding the Lafitte Corridor yielded a final plan for development. The development plan then went to its final approval stage through the City of New Orleans, and bids for construction begun. The project was expected to revitalize neighborhoods in the Lafitte Corridor while serving as a recreational and cultural outlet for residents. The team was awarded the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) Award of Excellence for the Lafitte Greenway and Revitalization Corridor plan. The awards committee specifically cited the unique integration of strategies for economic revitalization into the plan.


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