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Public-Private Partnership Formation

RCLCO works with public and private actors across the nation to structure partnerships and transform visions into reality.

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Public-Private Partnerships are now more important than ever in order to accomplish planning and economic development objectives.

  • RCLCO has been at the forefront of this field for over two decades.
  • Since our core customers are private sector investors, developers, and builders, our professionals have become intimate with how the private sector goes about financing development – we bring this knowledge to the table in our public-private partnership and implementation strategies.
  • We find development strategies for public projects that are attractive to private sector partners.
  • We are well-versed in communicating the upside potential, as well as acting as intermediary between public and private players.
  • With a client and contact database grown over the past 54 years, RCLCO is a uniquely excellent resource for recommending development partner selection.

Case Studies: Public-Private Partnership Formation

Case Study: Strategic Market Analysis for Electric Works

Case Study: Downtown Revitalization and Masterplan for Tropicana Field

Case Study: Economic Development and Neighborhood Revitalization Analysis for the Lafitte Corridor Greenway

P3 Service Offerings

Turn to RCLCO for thoughtful asset acquisition underwriting of every product type in every market. RCLCO’s work is distinguished by: speed to market; streamlined, action-oriented deliverables; qualitative input; bespoke underwriting process; and broader due diligence support.

RCLCO has a deep understanding of the market realities governing your ability to reposition real estate assets. We know what is needed to quantify both the enhanced revenue potential and added market risk from this reposition.

RCLCO brings cutting edge market analytics and financial analysis to identify the highest and best use, or to underwrite proposed development projects. We suggest that cities considering asset level public-private redevelopment initiatives, or running developer RFPs, do the highest and best use analysis prior to a solicitation. The eventual request for proposals can then include a conceptual program and even suggested project economics of terms, typically brings better responses. We evaluate hundreds of proposed development projects each year; we understand what’s working now, where the markets are going, and when and how the public partner can best partner with a private party.

Real estate is changing faster than ever before, and savvy developers and owners are aggressively exploring new potential project segments or innovations in physical product to create differentiation and to achieve breakthrough performance. RCLCO’s work in this area includes: defining new concepts; customer definition; market sizing; business plan analysis; and competitive landscape analysis.

Direct consumer research (in the form of internet surveys, focus groups, and in-person or intercept interviews) can provide critical insight into the target customer’s likely reaction to a new offering, repositioning strategy, or new product concept. RCLCO has helped clients of every type understand consumer dynamics and apply them to their business.

We’ll combine our revenue forecasts and cost estimates to prepare dynamic development pro forma analyses and other decision-making tools that help you understand various scenarios, maximize returns, outline property valuation, form infrastructure bonds, and fine tune your business plan with cycle risk analysis.

RCLCO excels at conducting fiscal and economic impact analyses that evaluate the impact of development on local and state economies and budgets.  Our work is distinguished by: a strategic approach, grounding in market understanding, inclusion of direct and indirect impacts, multiple applications, credibility, and providing valuable inputs for public clients.

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