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Explore the 2021 Second-Home Consumer Research Survey Results

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At year-end 2021, RCLCO conducted our second annual national consumer preference survey exploring the interest among high-income U.S. households regarding buying or continuing to own second homes.[1] Nearly two years into the Covid-19 pandemic, we have seen exceptionally strong performance in the second-home market, as structural shifts including the widespread adoption of remote work have increased the appeal of second homes for a larger segment of the market.

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Visualization and research prepared by Kelly Mangold, Principal; Daniel Kagan, Marketing and Production Manager; Grace Amoh, Associate; and Abigail Tremel, Analyst.

[1] Survey performed in late December 2021, households residing in the United States age 18+ with incomes $200,000+, who are interested in owning or already own one or more second homes. 1,014 initial qualified respondents.


Disclaimer: Reasonable efforts have been made to ensure that the data contained in this Advisory reflect accurate and timely information, and the data is believed to be reliable and comprehensive. The Advisory is based on estimates, assumptions, and other information developed by RCLCO from its independent research effort and general knowledge of the industry. This Advisory contains opinions that represent our view of reasonable expectations at this particular time, but our opinions are not offered as predictions or assurances that particular events will occur.

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