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Presentation Slides – Monthly Round-Up: 2020, The Year of the Suburb?

Part of our webinar series on the real estate impacts of COVID-19

Each month Senior RCLCO consultants share the latest insights on the real estate market in the context of the health and economic impacts of the global pandemic, as part of our monthly round-up webinar series.

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RCLCO COVID Round-Up: November 19, 2020

Watch the webinar recording here

Many have speculated that the COVID-19 health crisis is driving households away from cities to lower density places in the suburbs. During our November monthly update, in addition to answering your live Q&A, we discussed if 2020 is indeed the year of the suburbs, with an in-depth look at the demographic and economic trends that have made 2020 an amazing year for the housing market. Additional topics include:

  • Does the data actually show a flight to less dense suburban areas?
  • What are short-term versus long-term trends relative to the geography of demand, urban versus suburban and rural?
  • What’s happening now with prices, rents, and absorption and what does that mean for 2021?


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