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Webinar Recording: How the 2021 Investment Landscape Changed

Part of our monthly round-up webinar series regarding real estate market trends

Each month Senior RCLCO consultants share the latest insights on the real estate market as part of our monthly round-up webinar series.

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During our September 2021 update, in addition to answering your live Q&A, CEO Adam Ducker and RCLCO Fund Advisors (RFA) Managing Director Ben Maslan dug into the current investment environment, revisited their previous investment framework from 2020, and asked the following questions:

  • How has the real estate recovery unfolded across product types? Where is the trajectory increasingly clear and in what sectors is there uncertainty?
  • How has the investment framework presented by RCLCO held up? Are there new and emerging opportunities supported by forward-looking fundamentals?
  • What should we expect next year? How are investors weighing COVID now? How are underwriting norms changing in this environment?


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