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Webinar Recording – Monthly COVID Round-Up Webinar: Strategy Planning in the Time of COVID-19

Part of our webinar series on the real estate impacts of COVID-19

Join RCLCO Real Estate Advisors to explore how senior leaders in real estate are addressing the health, human, and economic impacts of this unprecedented global event.

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RCLCO COVID Round-Up: October 29, 2020

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During our October monthly update, we explored key questions about enterprise strategy that real estate organizations are struggling with in the time of COVID-19. We discussed how best in class players are using research and analysis to refine their organizational growth and evolution frameworks and action plans, and addressed the following questions:

What is the post-COVID “new normal” going to look like?

  • How are real estate organizations settling on an internally shared outlook?
  • What COVID epidemiological, economic and real estate market indicators are meaningful?
  • How should real estate companies prepare for various potential outcomes?

Most real estate companies are appropriately focused on protecting themselves from the negative impacts of the pandemic and resulting downturn in the moment. Truly strategic are using the downturn to revisit their strategies, including:

  • What are the growth opportunities that may be available to us in the upturn?
  • What is the optimal geographic footprint for our company – what is the outlook for our existing markets and where else should we be looking for opportunities, and why?
  • The Great Lockdown has taught us both the need for, and power of, technology to run and grow our businesses – how do we take better advantage of technology, systems and big data in the post-COVID world?
  • How do we protect and enhance our vital human capital in the downturn and beyond – is our compensation strategy competitive?


30-minute moderated discussion
15-minute interactive audience Q&A


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