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Webinar: Unlocking Potential – An Innovation Framework for the Real Estate Industry

RCLCO Free Webinar Recording

RCLCO hosted a free, live webinar to discuss the optimal framework for unlocking potential when it comes to innovation and staying ahead of the curve in the real estate industry, as a follow-up to the recently-released Advisory article.

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Unlocking Potential: An Innovation Framework for the Real Estate Industry

Eric Willett, Vice President
Joshua Boren, Director of Business Development & Marketing Strategy

Covered topics include:

1. The real estate industry’s most sophisticated innovators recognize that innovation is a set of interrelated activities—surfacing, nurturing, and scaling—that require complementary but distinct strategies.

2. Surfacing innovative ideas works best when innovations are drawn from all levels of an organization: top-down, bottom-up, and outside-in.

3. Nurturing new concepts to viability is more important than winnowing down potential ideas. Companies build support for innovation by fostering an internal culture that is willing to accept risk and developing internal resources to nurture ideas.

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