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Real Estate Strategy and Analytics for the Public Sector

RCLCO assists public sector entities by providing them with the same investment grade market, financial, economic, and development services expertise that has earned the firm a top-notch reputation in the private sector.

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We bring the discipline of market analyses and financial modeling to neighborhood planning, transit-oriented development, affordable housing, corridor studies, regional growth management, economic development strategies, comprehensive plans, and urban re-investment initiatives.

Our Impact:

  • Planning and Design Support: We partner with the nation’s premier architects, planners, engineers, environmentalists, and real estate lawyers, supporting their planning and design by utilizing our optimized intelligence.
  • Economic Development: We provide cities, counties, and state governments with one-stop shop strategy consulting that includes fiscal and budgetary analysis, real estate market analysis, and coalition-building around actionable implementation strategies that enhance the fiscal base of the jurisdiction.
  • Funding Public Investments: Our experience in crafting public and public-private funding mechanisms for transit investments, catalytic urban projects, water and sewer infrastructure, and preservation/conservation goals is unmatched and fueled by real-world implementation experiences.
  • Development Services: With a long and storied tradition of guiding public sector real estate projects through the development process as a “developer for hire” we move clients through the planning and entitlement process while securing outstanding developer relationships.

Case Studies: The Public Sector

Where We Work

  • Urban Cores & Civic Centers
  • Developing Suburbs
  • Rural & Agricultural Land
  • Athletic/Sports Facilities
  • Town Centers
  • Beaches/Lakes/Riverfronts/Marinas
  • Museums & Cultural Centers
  • Hospital & Medical Campuses
  • Transit/Transportation Hubs
  • Local & Regional Corridors
  • Universities/College Campuses
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Consulting Services for the Public Sector

  • Metropolitan Growth Strategies
  • Downtown Reinvestment Action Plan
  • Retail Activation & Reuse
  • Transit-Oriented Development Strategies
  • Public-Private Partnership Formation
  • Corridor & Small Area Planning
  • Economic Development
  • Highest & Best Use
  • Economic & Fiscal Impact Analysis
  • Neighborhood Planning
  • Affordable & Workforce Housing Policy Development
  • Parks & Recreation: Strategy & Financing
  • Anchor Institution Support

Public Strategies Research & Reports

Browse through some of our recent relevant publications in the space.

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