Portfolio Analysis/Optimization

RCLCO brings our own framework for strategic planning, as well as our advanced market analytics, to bear when helping portfolio owners develop their own framework for maximizing long-term value; prioritizing investments or dispositions; and identifying potential gaps or places to strengthen their investment portfolios.

Our work varies across the spectrum of product type and portfolio size. The hallmarks of RCLCO’s approach to these analytical efforts are:

  • Strategic Framework: our work starts with a clear understanding of organizational strengths and weaknesses, appetite for risk, capitalization approach, and long-term objectives
  • Market Optics: portfolio strategies based on a long-term view of the evolution of supply/demand conditions at the micro-level
  • Thoughtful Buy / Sell / Improve Analysis: we provide recommendations based on detailed financial analysis with sophisticated scenario or Monte Carlo-style testing
  • Objective, Unbiased, and Actionable Advice: clearly presented guidance and advice on underwriting or portfolio reformation

Sample Project Experience

Case Study: University Trust Land Assessment for Arizona Boa...Case Study: University Trust Land Assessment for Arizona Board of Regents

ABOR engaged RCLCO to update an analysis done in 1996 for AS...ABOR engaged RCLCO to update an analysis done in 1996 for ASLD, which had identified 37 parcels that were ready or capable of deve...

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