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The RCLCO & CEL Real Estate Compensation & Benefits Survey

The national standard for the real estate industry

Since 1989, this annual publication has offered accurate and timely market confidential compensation information to thousands of users. The survey is unmatched depth based upon so many years of comprehensive results.

Previous surveys incorporated over 190 positions and nearly 400 participant companies in the office, industrial, retail, residential, advisory and brokerage/services sectors, including public and private companies engaged in investment, management, development, construction, leasing and many other real estate functions.

Now through the new partnership between RCLCO and CEL, the number and diversity of survey respondents is expected to grow, expanding data accuracy, analysis, and reporting even further.

How the Survey Results Can Benefit You

Typically the survey provides over 500 pages covering compensation trends, benefits, compensation policies, long-term incentive structures, and detailed information/statistical (quartile) breakout of compensation results on a position by position basis stratified by Company Size (employees), Company Type (public and private), Specialization, Region, and Metropolitan Area.

Our compensation survey pairs comprehensive data with our deep understanding of real estate organizations, offering instructional guidance and benchmarking. To see sample pages from this year’s survey to understand the breadth and level of detail provided in the full report, click here. Full, detailed results from 2023’s survey are now available for purchase at the link below.


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Participate in the 2024 Survey


If your company would like to participate in this year’s National Real Estate Compensation & Benefits Survey, please provide the contact information for the appropriate contact in  the form below. We will then provide you with an access code to begin the input process of your company’s compensation and benefits information. Company participants in the survey will receive a complimentary copy of the full survey results this fall.

Please note that this is a company-level survey and encompasses data for the entire company. The representative who completes the survey is generally the senior Human Resources executive or Chief Financial Officer, or an HR staff member supervised by the senior Human Resources executive. This company representative must be able to provide detailed compensation information for every individual in their company.



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The Real Estate Compensation & Benefits Survey and the depth of other proprietary databases provide our clients with industry leading compensation resources for evaluating positions deep into a real estate organization.


We are always “on top” of industry data and trends, and can apply them to the unique needs of individual companies. Our databases of compensation information, paired with industry best practices gleaned from our close relationships with hundreds of real estate industry companies provide us with an unmatched capacity support your compensation planning needs.


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