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Case Study: Building a Best-in-class Asset Management Infrastructure

Image for achievable rent analysis BFR case study


  • Workflow management
  • Process audit and enhancements
  • Operational responsibility matrix
  • KPI development
  • Talent assessment and development
  • Organizational design

RCLCO was retained to conduct corporate strategic planning for a private family-owned real estate holding company that had recently undergone significant leadership transition. Starting with a base of family equity, the company was interested in accessing third party equity capital to support a broader expansion strategy, and RCLCO was tasked with developing institutional-quality systems to support their capital raising ambitions.


►The strategy planning process identified a path forward for monetizing neglected assets and focusing the company’s investment activities.
►In RCLCO’s strategy evaluation, the company’s lack of a standardized asset management function was identified as a key impediment to growth and attracting equity partners.
►With the firm’s senior leadership, RCLCO leveraged its extensive asset management experience to develop standardized processes and procedures for regularly evaluating and monitoring the company’s portfolio.


RCLCO’s systems and processes continue to be used by the organization which has expanded its capital raising platform.


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