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Case Study: Designing a Thoughtful Organizational Transition

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  • Succession planning
  • Executive leadership transitions
  • Zero-based transformation
  • Talent assessment
  • Reorganization planning


A multigenerational multifamily developer and operator with holdings concentrated in the mid-Atlantic was in the midst of a strategic shift: most importantly the company was expanding to a broader set of geographies and positioning the next generation to assume leadership. RCLCO was engaged to design a thoughtful organizational transition to support both objectives.


►An extensive outreach effort was undertaken to assess internal competencies and cultural nuances
►With executive leadership, RCLCO undertook a “blank slate” approach to building an organizational structure to meet the company’s growth objectives
►We completed a comprehensive talent assessment of key leaders and developed individualized training & retention plans for critical roles
►Our recommendations culminated in an organizational & executive transition timeline & engagement plan with critical stakeholders


The company successfully executed both of its objectives and was able to retain its Tier 1 team while expanding to new markets and passing the baton to the next generation.


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