The RCLCO Foundation

RCLCO Building a Better Tomorrow

Changing lives through initiatives that provide affordable homes

The RCLCO Foundation was formed in 2006 as a means to positively influence the availability and development of affordable housing. Funding to the RCLCO Foundation is provided by RCLCO, which annually contributes a share of its profits, along with contributions and grants provided by RCLCO team members, alumni, clients, and other organizations who are interested in advancing the cause of affordable housing.

The Foundation is committed to making a meaningful difference in the practice and policy of affordable housing, by encouraging and facilitating the development of balanced communities.


Our Focus


1Funding organizations that create affordable housing in communities where RCLCO has offices


2Matching RCLCO team members’ contributions to fundraising or other activities that impact affordable housing


3Funding thought leadership in affordable housing



Foundation Inquiries

For additional information
about the RCLCO Foundation,
please contact:

Adam Ducker

Adam Ducker

Managing Director


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