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RFA Leadership

RCLCO Fund Advisors advises institutional investors on real estate investments through its analytical rigor, highly customized client-centric service, and impassioned search for alignment.

Gadi Kaufmann Headshot - 2023

Gadi Kaufmann

Chairman, RCLCO and RFA

Taylor Mammen Headshot - 2023

Taylor Mammen

Chief Executive Officer, RFA

Scot Bommarito Headshot 2023

Scot Bommarito

Senior Research Associate

Joshua A Boren Headshot 2023

Joshua Boren

Managing Director, Strategic Initiatives

Peter Botz Headshot - 2023

Peter Botz

Vice President, RFA

Debashis Chanda Headshot - 2023

Debashis Chanda

Principal, RFA

Ben Chernus Headshot - 2023

Ben Chernus

Vice President, RFA

Jessica Diorio Headshot - 2023

Jessica Diorio

Vice President, RFA

Michael Essig Headshot 2023

Mike Essig

Vice President, RFA

Andrew Janko Headshot - 2023

Andrew Janko

Managing Director, RFA

Scott Haley Headshot 2023

Scott Haley

Vice President, RFA

Bill Maher Headshot - 2023

William Maher

Director of Strategy and Research, RFA

Ben Maslan Headshot - 2023

Ben Maslan

Vice President, RFA

Rick Pollack Headshot - 2023

Rick Pollack

Managing Director, RFA

Allan Popper Headshot - 2023

Allan Popper

Managing Director, RFA

Simon Soomekh Headshot - 2023

Simon Soomekh

Director of Property Operations, RFA

Carter Smith Headshot - 2023

Carter Smith

Vice President, RFA

Cyndi Thomas Headshot - 2023

Cyndi Thomas

Managing Director, RFA

Kerry White Headshot - 2023

Kerry White

Principal, RFA

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