RFA Leadership

RCLCO Fund Advisors advises institutional investors on real estate investments through its analytical rigor, highly customized client-centric service, and impassioned search for alignment.

Gadi Kaufmann

Chairman, RCLCO and RFA

Taylor Mammen

Chief Executive Officer, RFA

Joshua Boren

Managing Director, Strategic Initiatives

Peter Botz

Vice President, RFA

Debashis Chanda

Principal, RFA

Ben Chernus

Vice President, RFA

Jessica Diorio

Vice President, Asset Management, RFA

Jomar Ereso

Managing Director, Chief Compliance Officer, RFA

Cecilia Galliani

Vice President, RFA

Andrew Janko

Managing Director, Investments, RFA

Eddie Lin

Principal, RFA

William Maher

Director of Strategy and Research, RFA

Ben Maslan

Managing Director, RFA

Rick Pollack

Managing Director, RFA

Allan Popper

Director of Property Operations, RFA

Simon Soomekh

Managing Director, RFA

Cyndi Thomas

Managing Director, Asset and Portfolio Management, RFA

Kerry White

Vice President, Asset Management Systems, RFA

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