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Capital Strategy

Using capital as a strategic accelerant

Capital is the lifeblood of real estate. All too often, companies view capital as a constraint on their strategic ambitions. RCLCO’s approach emphasizes a balanced approach to capital formation and deployment in order to build capital relationships that enable and accelerate your organization’s broader strategic objectives.

In order to thrive throughout market cycles, leading real estate companies are able to consistently secure aligned capital and allocate it accretively. We work with our clients to define a capital stack that optimizes cost, volume, control & discretion across a range of investment strategies including major M&A transactions. Our capital advisory work is deeply informed by our broad set of relationships in the real estate industry spanning traditional and non-traditional sources of debt and equity.

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Our Capital Strategy Expertise

Our team of experts leverages a holistic understand of real estate capital markets and transactions to support clients’ transformations.


Build a more stable capital base

Effectively managing capital risk through the real estate cycle differentiates the industry’s most successful companies. RCLCO’s capital advisory work can help you identify capital sources that are aligned with your organization’s needs and create structures designed to outperform in both favorable and unfavorable market conditions.

Execute complex and accretive transactions

Major transactions are a powerful way to amplify value and achieve your strategic objectives. Yet, poorly executed transactions create substantial risk; after all, 70% of mergers fail. We partner with clients throughout the real estate industry to avoid common pitfalls and maximize the success of their M&A activity through careful due diligence and sustained integration.




Our Capital Strategy Services

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Capital Formulation and Deployment Strategy

▼ Create capital in support of strategic objectives


We work with the industry’s most dynamic companies—from emerging developers to established investment managers—to build a pathway to securing strategically aligned capital. Typical questions we help answer include: how to change capital strategy to access a more diverse set of investors or achieve greater discretion? What investment structures and capital are best aligned with your strategic goals? How can your company guarantee access to sufficient capital during a downturn?

» Capital structuring
» Capital rotation planning
» Enterprise modeling


IPO and Fundraising Readiness

▼ Prepare your organization for capital markets scrutiny


We partner with clients to prepare their organizations for evaluation by institutional capital partners. We will work with your team to anticipate capital expectations, implement industry-standard processes, and develop required collateral.

» Process audit and enhancements
» Track record analysis
» Manager validation and underwriting
» Investor materials preparation


M&A Support

▼ Provide industry expertise in support of complex transactions


M&A can be a critical growth path to achieving strategic objectives, and we work with clients across the real estate industry to identify, assess, and execute M&A activity of all scales. M&A success is dependent on comprehensive follow-through, and our postmerger integration process helps you deliver on the deal’s synergies.

» Market screening & prospect identification
» Transaction due diligence
» Post-merger integration




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