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Direct consumer research (in the form of internet surveys, focus groups, and in-person or intercept interviews) can provide critical insight into the target customer’s likely reaction to a new offering, repositioning strategy, or new product concept.

RCLCO has helped clients of every type understand consumer dynamics and apply them to their business.

Browse some of RCLCO’s latest public consumer research reports, including our Vacation & Second Home Survey; Consumer Interest in MPCs; and Housing & Community Preference Survey, to name a few.

RCLCO’s work in this area is defined by:

  • In-House Execution Capacity: most research companies do not have the nuanced understanding of real estate and the expertise to conduct research and analyze the results with a team expert in land use matters
  • Cost Effective Approach: technology and improved work processes allow us to add this vital research step at a much lower incremental cost
  • Benchmarking Potential: RCLCO often researches similar trends, concepts, and product types in different markets
  • Actionable Conclusions: not just mindset observations, RCLCO translates consumer insights into program, pricing, and project recommendations to support complicated underwriting or drive product evolution

Sample Project Experience

Case Study: Consumer Research Regarding Architectural Prefer...Case Study: Consumer Research Regarding Architectural Preferences for Home Shoppers Ages 55+

A Residential Developer specializing in active adult communi...A Residential Developer specializing in active adult communities was interested in attaining product intel that would help them op...

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