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Sports District Real Estate Consulting

A rendering shows the look of planned development around Angel Stadium in Anaheim that is expected to include more than 5,000 homes, restaurants, shops and offices and a 7-acre public park. (Courtesy of SRB Management)

As owners and teams continue to seek new ways to boost revenue to support the increasing cost of franchise ownership, the expanding footprint of real estate associated with the venue becomes of utmost importance – RCLCO can help you unlock its full potential.

Creating profitable, communal experiences that are capable of supporting large mixed-use districts drive the evolving trend of venue development. We are at the forefront of understanding these market and economic conditions which impact development potential; be strategic and utilize us as your resource across all project phases.

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Service Offerings for Entertainment Districts

Development Adjacent to Venues, Stadiums, Arenas, Ballparks

Understand the market-driven development opportunities broadly in the region and at the stadium-adjacent area. Our goal will be to drive quickly to a hypothesis about the highest and best use of the area, the volume and density of supportable development, and to create a framework for optimization of the program as the land planning, market, regulatory and vision crystalize.

While the client will likely will run the overall project pro forma internally, RCLCO will adapt a decision tool using our Linear Optimization (LinOp) methodology that will allow the team to evaluate program alternatives, density trade-offs, and other strategic direction questions in real time.  This will ensure that the team ends up with a plan that optimizes financial outcomes.

Evaluate the public revenues generated by future development on site and in the neighborhood overall through increased property taxes, sales tax, and any other general fund revenues to both the City and County, and net of the public expenditures necessary to support the new development. Demonstrate the net impact over a 20 or 30 year timeframe by jurisdiction, highlighting other relevant factors such as new residents, jobs, and spending that would occur as a result of the development. The inputs/results of this effort will form the underpinnings of the public finance strategy both in terms of which approaches will generate the necessary revenues, and to demonstrate to public sector partners the value generation potential.

Play an organizing or supporting role in the JV partner selection process, depending on your preference and in-house capabilities/capacity. This would potentially include developer introductions, driving or supporting the RFP process, reviewing developer proposals or RFP responses, and term sheet/MOU negotiation.

Utilize our knowledge of other stadium/sports district financing strategies, coupled with our local expertise in the region, to determine the strategic options available to the stadium and adjacent development and potential revenue for the project generated by each. Prepare analyses as necessary to support the strategy determined to have the greatest potential likelihood of success for negotiation with public sector partners.

There may be other ways in which RCLCO can provide strategic guidance, input, case study/precedent analysis, or other strategic support for the project.  Further, we may be asked to help you explore potential partnerships with other large entertainment providers/venues in the region, or explore other potential strategic avenues of program enhancement, and we will be on call for these explorations, or parallel path market, financial and impact explorations as needed.

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