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Customized real estate investment advisory built on a legacy of thought leadership and analytical rigor

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About RFA

  • RFA aims to improve the institutional real estate investment model by providing customized and aligned consulting and advisory solutions to investors.
  • Institutional investors leverage our diverse team’s analytical approach, deep knowledge, and experience in research, consulting,  investment management, property operations, and lending.
  • We focus on identifying investments likely to experience growing demand and the benefits of operational expertise.
  • RFA was established in 2011 and has been an SEC Registered Investment Advisor since  2014
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RFA Clients

We serve institutional investors globally by helping them enhance performance of their complex real estate portfolios

  • Pension funds
  • Sovereign wealth funds
  • Endowments/foundations
  • Family offices
  • Insurance companies and financial institutions

RFA Services

We customize our services according to client needs, across a spectrum from high-level strategy or policy insights required by boards, to truly ground-level support in sourcing, underwriting, or oversight of operations.

  • Board Advisory
  • Project Specific
  • Primary Real Estate Consultant
  • Outsourced Real Estate Team

Specific areas of value add include:

  • Strategic Pacing and Implementation Planning
  • Portfolio Construction
  • Manager & Investment Underwriting
  • Risk Management & Monitoring
  • Reporting, Performance, & Attribution
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Board Advisory

Thought Leadership and Actionable Insights

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Project Specific

Trusted Real Estate Subject Matter Expertise

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Primary RE Consultant

Fiduciary-Focused, Complementary Partner

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Outsourced RE Team

Comprehensive Bespoke Investment Solution

Contact us to learn more about RFA services.


Gadi Kaufmann Headshot - 2023

Gadi Kaufmann

Chairman, RCLCO and RFA

Taylor Mammen Headshot - 2023

Taylor Mammen

Chief Executive Officer, RFA

Andrew Janko Headshot - 2023

Andrew Janko

Managing Director, RFA

Ben Maslan Headshot - 2023

Ben Maslan

Managing Director, Institutional Consulting, RFA

Rick Pollack Headshot - 2023

Rick Pollack

Managing Director, RFA

Cyndi Thomas Headshot - 2023

Cyndi Thomas

Managing Director, RFA

Joshua A Boren Headshot 2023

Joshua Boren

Managing Director, Strategic Initiatives

Bill Maher Headshot - 2023

William Maher

Director of Strategy and Research, RFA

Allan Popper Headshot - 2023

Allan Popper

Director of Property Operations, RFA

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