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Consulting Services for Master-Planned Communities

Since our founding in 1967, RCLCO has been recognized as the leading expert in segmentation and business planning for MPCs throughout North America and around the world.

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RCLCO has the ability to address specific project situations as well as our clients’ overall long-term strategic needs. Our services are customized to address our clients’ particular needs, supported by unmatched optics on metropolitan growth trends and forward-looking market analysis, financial analysis, consumer research, and creative problem solving.

At the project level, RCLCO brings a unique perspective to analyzing the market potential for community development – focusing our analysis on where the market is heading and understanding the opportunities of today as well as those of tomorrow.

MPC Service Offerings

RCLCO brings cutting-edge market and financial analytics to underwrite proposed new development projects, optimize existing developments, and/or determine highest and best use. Whether it’s a large land asset, planned community, active adult retirement community, or resort development, our skilled professionals understand what’s working, where markets are going, and how to apply that knowledge to benefit our clients’ real estate projects.

With RCLCO’s support, learn to understand your project in the context of the competitive landscape and its unique strengths and challenges. Optimally position your property in the market relative to price and demand, utilizing recommendations that are informed by decision-making tools, price optimization, and financial planning tools.

RCLCO uses demographics, psychographics, competitor research, and analytical techniques to predict customer behavior and recommend development program strategies. We understand that the most successful segmentation strategies incorporate product lines that are differentiated from one another, not just by price and size, but also by the unique purchase motivations of diverse consumer segments. Because we evaluate thousands of different housing types across the nation each year, we can help you create the most effective builder program strategies.

We’ll combine our revenue forecasts and cost estimates to prepare dynamic development pro forma analyses and other decision-making tools that help you: understand various scenarios; maximize returns; outline property valuation; form infrastructure bonds; and fine tune your business plan with cycle risk analysis.

Gain a competitive edge in the marketplace by utilizing RCLCO’s market, financial, and consumer insights, specifically: market sizing; competitive landscape analysis; defining new concepts; customer definition; and business plan analysis.

RCLCO has an intimate knowledge of the market realities governing your ability to reposition real estate assets. We know what is needed to quantify both the enhanced revenue potential and added market risk from this reposition. The hallmarks of our approach to these analytical efforts include: highest & best use approaches; actionable recommendations; quantification of benefits and risks; full-spectrum product-type capabilities; and valuation.

Investors and owner/operators turn to RCLCO for the thoughtful underwriting of every product type and forecasting of real asset performance. We support markets throughout North and South America, the Caribbean, and beyond. Our work is distinguished by: speed to market; streamlined, action-oriented deliverables; qualitative input; and a personalized underwriting process.

Whether mining years of past research or conducting fresh direct consumer research (in the form of internet surveys, focus groups, and in-person/intercept interviews), we provide critical insight into your target customers’ likely reaction to a new offering, repositioning strategy, or new product concept. RCLCO has helped clients of every type understand consumer dynamics and apply them to their business.

The industry’s major players call on RCLCO to bring advanced data analysis and market forecasting to guide the selection of markets and submarkets for existing and new real estate concepts. The hallmarks of our approach include: a rigorously analytical methodology; geography of demand; real-time feedback; and strategic results.

RCLCO’s entitlement support includes fiscal and economic impact analysis that evaluates the impact of your projects on local and state economies and budgets. This analysis determines a land use’s net benefit contribution to a local government. Every land use creates revenue for a local government (in the form of property taxes, sales taxes, charges for services, etc.) as well as expenses (such as police, fire, roads, general government, parks, schools, and other services).

RCLCO helps clients determine the best amenity program strategies, recognizing that it is essential to make amenity investments consistent with consumer preferences in order to achieve the highest return. Our work on hundreds of engagements each year provides insight relative to the amenities that are most in demand and to which specific audiences.

Case Studies: Master-Planned Communities

With over 2,600 community development assignments completed, most of them for developers, landowners, and investors around the nation, RCLCO is uniquely capable of assessing the market potential for various uses, including for-sale, for-rent, and workforce housing options, as well as commercial land uses such as retail, office, industrial, mixed-use, and hospitality.

Strategy Recommendations for Lakewood Ranch

Residential & Commercial Development Strategy for Sienna Plantation

Palmetto Bluff Development & Segmentation Strategy

Resources & Tools for MPCs

In our ongoing efforts to support the success of our MPC clients, RCLCO has partnered with Cecilian Partners on The XO software platform.

With the addition of The XO to our suite of client resource tools, you can make more informed decisions about marketing, operations, and business intelligence for your community. Built specifically for community developers BY community developers, The XO drives three major pieces of value for developers and builders:

  1. Shorter sales cycle – through better leads and faster approval processes
  2. Saves time and money – by reducing manual effort and streamlining day-to-day ops
  3. Drives smarter decisions – by giving easy access to real-time data and insight

Want to learn more about The XO and how it can help you? Contact us today.

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MPC University

For more than eight years our team has brought MPC leadership together for several days of networking and discussion, targeting the most current and trending issues relating to master-planned community success.

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