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Best Minds: Nancy Lashine, Managing Partner & Founder of Park Madison Partners

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November 9, 2022 Real Estate Investing Podcast Strategic Planning

How can leadership help grow and foster personal entrepreneurship?

In this episode of Conversations with the Best Minds in Real Estate, RCLCO Fund Advisors’ CEO Taylor Mammen sits down with the Managing Partner and Founder of Park Madison Partners, Nancy Lashine, to discuss leadership, entrepreneurship and investment strategies from niche property types to other potential opportunities within real estate. RCLCO breaks from our traditional format for this special episode, where both leaders equally interview each other – gaining insights into personal perspectives from both Lashine and Mammen.

Mammen walks through his personal growth within RCLCO Fund Advisors, explaining how leadership helped to shape his career.

“It’s a people business…and having the right people in place is really critical and that, from my perspective, is really the role of leadership. It’s really all about attracting, retaining, growing, mentoring future leaders of organizations.”

– Taylor Mammen’s perspective on leadership


Lashine talks about her rise as a successful entrepreneur and the evolution of Park Madison Partners, the boutique real asset private equity placement firm she founded.

“I always wanted to be a partner in a financial firm, so I spent a couple of years looking at some different models and talking to a lot of folks in partnerships and then ultimately went into partnership in 2006 with Park Madison Partners, which was named after my father’s coffee shop.”

– Nancy Lashine

Topics in this episode include:

  • What leadership in business means to Mammen (1:38)
  • How Lashine looks at leadership in evaluating company priorities (5:22)
  • Mammen dives into how he started the process of building RFA from RCLCO (9:52)
  • Lashine goes into detail about her thought process behind founding her own business (13:26)
  • Lashine’s thoughts on how strategy in the industry may continue to evolve (16:23)
  • Mammen’s take on how the recalibration in markets and pricing may affect the weeding out of managers and strategies (18:30)
  • Mammen and Lashine’s joint thoughts on various impacts on niche strategies (19:42)
  • The importance of gaining targeted information and data gathering (24:50)
  • A breakdown in building and utilizing market strategies (30:38)


About Nancy Lashine, Managing Partner & Founder of Park Madison Partners

Nancy Lashine is the Founder and Managing Partner of Park Madison Partners, a boutique real asset private equity placement firm. The firm is a leading advisor to investment management firms on their business strategy. Park Madison is headquartered in New York City and is a FINRA regulated broker dealer.

Lashine has over 35 years of real estate and investment marketing experience. Prior to forming Park Madison Partners, Ms. Lashine was a strategic consultant advising leading institutional real estate investment managers on product development and the implementation of institutional marketing initiatives. Clients included Lehman Brothers, Angelo Gordon, ING Clarion, Sentinel Real Estate and JER Partners.

Lashine was an early member of The O’Connor Group (1985-1995) and began her finance career at  LF Rothschild, Unterberg and Towbin (1981-1985).

Lashine earned her MBA at Columbia University Graduate School of Business, and a BFA, cum laude, from Case Western Reserve in Dance Theatre. She serves on several Boards including the Columbia MBA Real Estate Advisory Board, the Gibney Dance Center Board, ULI as a Global Trustee and is a past board member of the Pension Real Estate Association. She is a member of ULI and WX (Executive Women in Real Estate).

About Taylor Mammen, CEO of RCLCO Fund Advisors (RFA)

Taylor Mammen is Chief Executive Officer of RCLCO Fund Advisors (RFA), which advises institutional investors on all aspects of their complex real estate investment portfolios, from strategy development to underwriting and asset management. Taylor helped pioneer this business beginning in the aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis, when several prominent pension funds turned to RFA with the goal to construct better performing and more resilient real estate portfolios, and has grown it to become a highly respected institutional real estate advisor, working with some of the largest and most dynamic institutional investors in the world. In the process, Taylor and RFA have sourced, underwritten, and overseen investments on behalf of clients well in excess of $10 billion. Taylor leads the firm’s institutional investor client relationships and is responsible for the firm’s growth and development, in addition to serving on the boards of clients’ portfolio companies.




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