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Case Studies

  • 1776KStreet scaled

    Case Study: Highest and Best Market Reuse of Vacant Downtown Office Building

    Real Estate EconomicsOffice to Residential Conversion

    RCLCO calculated the residual land value of the various reuse scenarios to determine which path would result in the optimal economic outcome for the ownership group...

  • AdobeStock 68494579 city building reflections scaled e1681324253830

    Case Study: Market Analysis and Development Recommendations for the Conversion of Office Space into Rental Apartments

    Real Estate EconomicsOffice to Residential Conversion

    After assessing the economic and demographic trends in the overall market, RCLCO turned to the competitive landscape, identifying other rental properties in the area that provided a useful comparison to the subject site to provide insight as to what th...

  • 1 mission lofts apartments falls church virginia building exterior 001 e1681307864159

    Case Study: Supply & Demand Analysis for Conversion of Existing Office Buildings into Live/Work Residential

    Real Estate EconomicsOffice to Residential Conversion

    To ground the analysis, RCLCO first examined the key drivers of rental housing demand in the market, the evolving impact of remote and hybrid work, as well as the long-term economic outlook....

  • Rendering of Hercules Bayfront for Case Study

    Case Study: Evaluating Portfolio Performance & Assessing Organizational Capabilities

    Portfolio Analysis/OptimizationManagement ConsultingCapital StrategyOrganizational ConsultingPortfolio Strategy

    Despite a strong track record of development, a family office’s recent projects suggested that the robust economic results may have been the result of market movement more so than value creation. ...

  • Header for Top-Selling MPCs Mid-Year 2021 Advisory

    Case Study: Building a National Organization Poised for Growth

    Public SectorManagement ConsultingOrganizational Consulting

    RCLCO was retained to help diagnose the advantages and challenges associated with the company’s unique structure and design an organizational roadmap to support the company’s growth ambitions....

  • AdobeStock 186033248 scaled e1661539705149

    Case Study: Developing a Plan to Enter a New Market

    Management ConsultingPortfolio StrategyStrategy PlanningGeographic Expansion

    One of Britain’s largest investment managers had successfully developed a model of investing in large scale mixed-use developments within major urban centers throughout the UK in partnership with local government and private developers. ...

  • Image for Arizona Board of Regents case study

    Case Study: Implementing a Focused, Growth-oriented Geographic Strategy

    Management ConsultingPortfolio StrategyStrategy PlanningGeographic Expansion

    In 2016, IRET (now Centerspace) pivoted from a multifaceted real estate company with a mix of commercial assets, to a single-purpose multifamily REIT. ...

  • Image for Real Estate Operating and Development Company Case Study

    Case Study: Understanding Residents and Creating Real-time Insights

    Management ConsultingConsumer InsightOperational Strategy

    An expanding multifamily owner and operator was interested in better understanding the composition of their renter base in order to inform property operations and guide future investment decisions....

  • Stock image of city skyline

    Case Study: Post-merger Support for National REIT

    Single-Family RentalsManagement ConsultingCapital StrategyOrganizational ConsultingConsumer InsightOperational Strategy

    Following a large-scale acquisition, a national residential REIT ($10B+ market cap), approached RCLCO to identify opportunities to optimize the corporate cost structure while growing ancillary revenues and launching tactical initiatives to deepen custo...

  • RCLCO Presentation Adam Ducker Family Renter Housing 2020 Thumbnail

    Case Study: Building a Rationalized Real Estate Process

    Public SectorManagement ConsultingOrganizational ConsultingStrategy PlanningOperational Strategy

    A municipality with land-holdings totaling 10 square miles in one of the nation’s densest and fastest growing metropolitan areas engaged RCLCO to improve its real estate management processes and rationalize a complex organizational structure stretchi...

  • Thumbnail for Kukuui'Ula case study

    Case Study: Resort Residential Market Analysis for Kukui`Ula Master-Planned Community

    Real Estate EconomicsSecond Home / Vacation Home

    In late 2021, the partially developed Kukui’ula master-planned community was sold to Brue Baukol Capital Partners for $183.5M, and RCLCO’s market study was used as support for the transaction. To date, about 280 house lots have been sold, and about...

  • Thumbnail for steamboat housing case study

    Case Study: Steamboat Springs Resort Employee Housing Needs Assessment

    Real Estate EconomicsSecond Home / Vacation Home

    Using RCLCO’s analysis, Steamboat Ski & Resort Corporation was able to thoughtfully anticipate the resort’s future workforce housing needs that would result from the increased visitor capacity....

  • Stock image of houses used as thumbnail for architectural preference case study

    Case Study: Consumer Research Regarding Architectural Preferences for Home Shoppers Ages 55+

    Consumer Insight

    A Residential Developer specializing in active adult communities was interested in attaining product intel that would help them optimize the marketability of its next generation of products. To do so, they desired a third-party analysis of their target...

  • Image of modern apartment building for Rental Case Study

    Case Study: Market & Submarket Opportunity Analysis for Real Estate Operating and Development Company

    Real Estate EconomicsGeographic Expansion

    RCLCO was chosen by a Real Estate Operating and Development Company to determine expansion potential and help with specific future development opportunities. ...

  • Thumbnail image of loft apartment for residential developer case study

    Case Study: Geographic Expansion Analysis for Residential Developer

    Real Estate EconomicsGeographic Expansion

    A Residential Developer engaged RCLCO to assist in evaluating market expansion opportunities beyond their high-cost, East Coast metropolitan area....

  • Thumbnail Image for BFR preliminary market assessment case study

    Case Study: Preliminary Market Assessment for Build-for-Rent Community

    Real Estate EconomicsSingle-Family Rentals

    RCLCO focused its efforts on Willow Creek Manors, a planned 148-unit higher-density single-family detached rental development in Tomball, Texas....

  • Thumbnail image for BFR case study

    Case Study: Achievable Rent Analysis for Build-for-Rent, Single-Family Home Community

    Real Estate EconomicsDevelopment FeasibilitySingle-Family Rentals

    In this engagement, NexMetro was seeking to develop a new Avilla lifestyle community in Grand Prairie, Texas, situated in the middle of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. In evaluating the development potential of this new community, NexMetro retained RC...

  • Image for NewMark Merrill case study

    Case Study: Retail Repositioning for NewMark Merrill Companies

    Real Estate EconomicsDevelopment FeasibilityRetailValue-Add & Repositioning

    NewMark Merrill Companies, Inc. (“NewMark”) was considering redevelopment and repositioning opportunities, including a retail center in their portfolio. The company engaged RCLCO to help determine whether the center would be appropriate to redevelo...

  • Rendering used as header for Electric Works case study

    Case Study: Strategic Market Analysis for Electric Works

    Competitive-Edge StrategiesDevelopment FeasibilityFiscal & Economic ImpactPublic-Private PartnershipValue-Add & Repositioning

    RTM engaged RCLCO to provide a quantitative, fact-driven assessment of the market opportunity given the large scale of the site, location just removed from the current activity hub, and adaptive reuse nature of the project....

  • Image for Arizona Board of Regents case study

    Case Study: University Trust Land Assessment for Arizona Board of Regents

    Real Estate EconomicsAnchor Institution SupportPortfolio Analysis/Optimization

    ABOR engaged RCLCO to update an analysis done in 1996 for ASLD, which had identified 37 parcels that were ready or capable of development with significant revenue production at that time....

  • Illustration for Purdue Discovery Park District case study

    Case Study: Strategic Market Analysis for Purdue Discovery Park District

    Real Estate EconomicsAnchor Institution SupportDevelopment FeasibilityMultifamilyRetail

    Old Town Companies retained RCLCO to conduct a quantitative market analysis for the residential uses, which are envisioned in a Traditional Neighborhood Development (“TND”) format....

  • U4 15023.0000 Project Profile Brooks Street Anaheim Angels thumbnail 1

    Case Study: Strategic Development Direction for Anaheim Stadium District

    Real Estate EconomicsAcquisition UnderwritingFiscal & Economic ImpactSports District Development

    Angels Baseball and Brooks Street, the team’s real estate advisor and development partner, engaged RCLCO to provide consulting services in support of their attempt to purchase Angel Stadium, along with the surface parking lots surrounding the stadium...

  • POMSLA Website Case Study Thumbnail

    Case Study: Economic Development for Point of the Mountain State Land Authority

    Real Estate EconomicsFinancial Modeling & Optimization AnalysisPartner SelectionPublic Sector

    RCLCO began its work focused on the Point’s two greatest challenges: how to achieve the state’s economic development goals with development on site, and what role POMSLA ought to play in future real estate development. ...

  • Rental Apartment Development During the Covid 19 Pandemic Case Study Image 2000x804

    Case Study: Rental Apartment Development During the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Real Estate EconomicsDevelopment FeasibilityMultifamily

    RCLCO updated the forecasts in our initial study 60 days after the initial report was delivered to take into account all of the latest information and the latest outlook from the COVID-19 Downturn....

  • DTE Energy Conners Creek Thumbnail

    Case Study: Land Redevelopment and Project Implementation of Connor’s Creek Power Plant

    Real Estate EconomicsAcquisition UnderwritingFinancial Modeling & Optimization AnalysisPartner Selection

    RCLCO worked with DTE to develop a collective point of view on the level of market support, the achievable character, and the scale of development the site can support, as well as a framework for discussing the risk that might be accepted by the develo...

  • Palmetto Bluff Crescent Communities 360x270 tiny

    Case Study: Palmetto Bluff Strategic Development & Segmentation Strategy

    Real Estate EconomicsCompetitive-Edge StrategiesDevelopment Feasibility

    RCLCO was retained by Crescent Communities to provide strategic recommendations and a detailed segmentation strategy for the master-planned community of Palmetto Bluff in Bluffton, South Carolina. At the time the community, like the industry overall, w...

  • Sacramento California 1000x402 compressor small

    Case Study: Market Opportunity Analysis for Sacramento City Center

    Real Estate EconomicsCompetitive-Edge StrategiesDevelopment FeasibilityRetailSports District Development

    With the Sacramento Kings poised to build a new arena in Downtown Sacramento, the time was ripe for land owners around the planned stadium to explore changes in market conditions driving development from the improvements that the arena would catalyze....

  • Landmark Mall 1000x402 small

    Case Study: Re-Use Plan and Real Estate Strategy for Landmark Mall

    Real Estate EconomicsPartner SelectionRetailValue-Add & Repositioning

    Landmark was a mid-1960, 675,000 square foot regional shopping center with Macy’s (originally Hechts), Sears and Lord & Taylor (originally Woodward & Lathrop) anchors. Originally an open air center, it was enclosed in the 1990s to improve its competi...

  • Tropicana Field 1000x402 compressor 1 small

    Case Study: Downtown Revitalization and Masterplan for Tropicana Field

    Real Estate EconomicsDevelopment FeasibilityPublic-Private PartnershipSports District Development

    RCLCO, as part of a vision planning team led by HKS Architects, was selected by the City of St. Petersburg, Florida to provide master planning services for the Tropicana Field site in Downtown St. Petersburg, currently home to the Tampa Bay Rays....

  • New Orleans THUMBNAIL 360x270

    Case Study: Economic Development and Neighborhood Revitalization Analysis for the Lafitte Corridor Greenway

    Real Estate EconomicsFiscal & Economic ImpactPublic SectorPublic-Private Partnership

    As one of New Orleans’ signature revitalization projects in the wake of the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, the Lafitte Greenway was set to transform a former shipping canal and railroad right-of-way running through the heart of the city into a vib...

  • North Carolina State University Case Study Photo 1000x402 1 small

    Case Study: Financial Analysis and Transaction Strategy for Centennial Campus North Carolina State University

    Real Estate EconomicsAnchor Institution SupportDevelopment FeasibilityFinancial Modeling & Optimization Analysis

    The Centennial Campus of North Carolina State University is a highly successful model of integrated research and academic facilities. The University administration retained RCLCO to help improve the park’s competitiveness and we recommended exploring...

  • sienna plantation THUMBNAIL 360x270

    Case Study: Residential & Commercial Development Strategy for the Sienna Plantation MPC

    Real Estate EconomicsCompetitive-Edge StrategiesDevelopment Feasibility

    RCLCO was engaged by Toll Brothers to evaluate the remaining 3,700 acres of Siena Plantation, an established master-planned community in Fort Bend County, Texas, a suburb of Houston....

  • Market Analysis for The Edison Union Market DC THUMBNAIL

    Case Study: Competitive Advantages & Outlook for D.C. Submarket

    Real Estate EconomicsCompetitive-Edge StrategiesDevelopment FeasibilityMultifamily

    LCOR, a national real estate development, investment, operations, and asset-management company, was planning the development of a rental apartment community in the then pioneering new neighborhood called the Union Market District of Washington, D.C...

  • Lakewood Ranch Case Study Photo 360x270 THUMBNAIL

    Case Study: A History of Providing Analyses & Strategy Recommendations for Lakewood Ranch

    Real Estate EconomicsCompetitive-Edge StrategiesDevelopment FeasibilityFinancial Modeling & Optimization Analysis

    The 8,500 acre Lakewood Ranch, part of the 28,000 acre Shroeder-Manatee Ranch, is one of the top selling master planned communities in the U.S. It is home to nearly 12,000 households and over 15,000 employees working at over 1,385 businesses. It is bei...

  • Rendering of Hercules Bayfront for Case Study

    Case Study: Residential Market Analysis for Hercules Bayfront Mixed-Use Development

    Real Estate EconomicsCompetitive-Edge StrategiesDevelopment FeasibilityMultifamily

    Traditional mixed-use neighborhoods and integrated transit located along the waterfront in Hercules, California is the foundation of Hercules Bayfront. Hercules is centrally located in the San Francisco Bay Area along the I-80 corridor and is within mi...

  • Image for Sandy Street Case Study

    Case Study: Economic Development Market Analysis for Sandy Steps

    Real Estate EconomicsCompetitive-Edge StrategiesDevelopment FeasibilityPublic Sector

    Sandy, Utah is an urbanizing suburb of Salt Lake City located about 15 miles south of downtown along the I-15 freeway. The city of approximately 90,000 is located with the Wasatch region’s desired corridor and grew rapidly as a “bedroom” communit...

  • Atlanta Beltline THUMBNAIL 360x270 1

    Case Study: Economic Impact Analysis and Metropolitan Growth Strategy for the Atlanta Beltline

    Real Estate EconomicsFiscal & Economic ImpactPublic Sector

    During the past 20 years, metropolitan Atlanta’s growth has occurred in widely spread and disconnected pockets of development which have strained the region’s quality of life and economic growth...

  • Capitol Riverfront BID Case Study Photo THUMBNAIL 360X270 1

    Case Study: Capitol Riverfront Business Improvement District

    Real Estate EconomicsFiscal & Economic ImpactPublic SectorRetail

    The Capitol Riverfront BID is well-situated in a downtown adjacent, Metro-accessible location, without the constraints of being built out on an FAR and zoning basis. However, in the District of Columbia, investment in locations along the Green Line—i...

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