Everyday, we strive to be The Best Minds in Real Estate.

Since our founding in 1967, RCLCO has been at the leading edge of real estate trends and issues, offering strategic guidance that is always market-driven, analytically based, and financially sound. Our real estate advisors help clients make the best possible decisions about property and portfolio investment, development, management, design, and corporate strategy issues. We assist our clients with everything from market, economic, financial, and impact analyses to organizational strategic planning and litigation support. We are real estate experts, consultants, advisors, analysts, and strategists offering solutions from project inception to disposition and all points in between.


Our proven ability to help clients succeed arises from key attributes refined over decades:

  • Our multidisciplinary team combines real world experience with the analytical underpinnings drawn from thousands of consulting engagements and proprietary research to develop and implement plans that strengthen our clients’ position in their markets, at every point in the market cycle.
  • We constantly refine our concepts and methods in order to identify the best means for helping our clients gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.
  • Our extensive network of clients, colleagues, professionals, and public officials provides us with a unique and comprehensive outlook on the industry and unmatched access to the best minds in real estate.


What We Do

RCLCO’s real estate expertise includes:

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Our mission is to help our clients make strategic, effective, and enduring decisions about real estate.


Our Core Values

    • We are dedicated to adding value to our clients.
    • We strive to achieve excellence and innovation in everything that we do.
    • We aim to enjoy our work and the people with whom we work.
    • We seek opportunities to promote greater economic, social, and environmental sustainability.


Our History

In 1967, Bob Lesser, then an architect and developer, was asked to evaluate the potential uses for the center of the new town of Thousand Oaks, California. In carrying out this assignment, he found that the creativity and financial imagination required for the study were extremely stimulating—so much so that he started Robert Charles Lesser & Co.™ (now RCLCO).

Today, our team of experienced professionals still shares that original enthusiasm and eagerness to solve challenging real estate questions and add value to our clients real estate activities.
   Bob Lesser


Our Philosophy

We are the Best Minds in Real Estate™ because we work with the Best Minds in Real Estate™. Our success lies in our ability to apply over 45 years of experience and insights to all aspects of the real estate sector.

This collective knowledge is acquired and implemented by the top advisory talent working in partnership with the Best Minds in Real Estate™—our clients who engage us in thought-provoking and cutting-edge real estate projects, and our alumni who keep us in tune with the state of the real estate industry.

Our Goals

  • Be at the leading edge of real estate trends and issues
  • Be the “first call” for clients seeking strategic advice
  • Set the industry standard
  • Exceed clients’ expectations
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  • Provide forward-thinking, creative, and financially practical solutions that are market-driven, based upon thorough and independent analyses, and socially and environmentally sensible
  • Optimize our firm’s vast experience by marshalling resources to best serve each client’s needs, with senior members of the firm leading every major engagement
  • Operate as an alliance of leaders and leaders-in-training
  • Offer clients a team of engaged professionals who are committed to excellence and to strengthening their knowledge through professional development, and who are recognized for their contributions to the community, the industry, and the firm
  • Create an inspiring workplace
  • Treat clients and one another with respect and dignity
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